Thursday, February 23, 2017

Laughing and Thinking, the basis for our labs

Several of these words describe how we work as a group. Laughing is one of the biggest verbs that can describe a majority of our labs. A part of building with the zomtool kit is that sometimes it falls apart, and we laugh out our frustrations by diving back into the reconstruction. 

"Comparing" is another word that we use simply because we are often comparing our different constructions together to see what we are each coming up with. We also compared our lipid to models we found online and used that as a guidance for our construction.

"Thinking" is probably the basis for all our labs. We have to think about how we are going to build, what ways we will build, what parts are working for us, and what isn't. 

We had to handle pieces gently, and make sure that they are in a position that was not unstable, but also stayed true to structural model we found online. PS: Sally has rather large hands, which is why we don't allow her to physically manipulate the zometool kit model; she does provide insight and points out where we can improve. 

<Messages Image(185628155).png>

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